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Discovering Customer Enchantment

Alexandre Dubarry’s lectures on Customer Enchantment shed new light on the key factors of success and of enchantment of today’s customers.

Each lecture is adapted to the expectations of its audience. We develop our interventions based on the Theory of Customer Enchantment, decoded in Alexandre Dubarry’s book, and enriched with concrete examples of cultural, artistic and commercial success.


Dynamic, quirky, powerful, lectures are offered in three formats:

Alexandre Dubarry alone on stage, for 45 or 60 minutes of lecture linked to your company’s specific challenge, followed by a question and answer session

Alexandre Dubarry in a duo with an expert form the world of luxury goods and services to decode specific expectations and new trends in customer relations

Alexandre Dubarry in a lecture-show, surrounded by a team of actors who are experts at improvisation and who come to highlight, with humor and impertinence, the key moments of the customer relationship.





« Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. »

Albert Einstein

Excerpt from “Customer Enchantment”, Éditions Leduc.s, 2013

 “Why is it that I caress the utopia that we could have, it only for an instant, to change things? First by egoism, as a simple customer I would be delighted to make my purchases or to carry out my administrative tasks and be treated better, to benefit from a pleasanter interaction, to tackle these things backwards…


You’ve understood, I am an idealist! I sincerely believe that a warm welcome is contagious. That to enchant one’s day makes it possible to enchant everyone else’s too. That the enchanted person will enchant another who will in turn enchant another, and so on. That we have a responsibility in the chain of human relations.

But I am a realistic idealist. To my mind, this famous “wow effect” requires genuine decoding. This book is also an opportunity for me to communicate the enchantment that allows me to further my business. For some twenty years now my work as a consultant has led me to explore this know-how around the globe.


Enriched by the all these travels and cultures, it is time to share these consulting experiences with the wider public, and my conception of sales and underlying that, my deeply held belief that if our commercial relations are infused with humanity, they will have a positive impact on our social relations.”

Listen to the interview of Alexandre Dubarry, partner of the Printemps de l’Optimisme (Spring of Optimism)

The interview with Alexandre Dubarry

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